‘Jackass’ star Steve-O hospitalised after making ‘fire angels’ with jet engine fuel

Stunt will form part of a new comedy special from the prankster

Jackass star Steve-O was hospitalised this week after performing one of his most dangerous stunts.

The prankster, who rose to fame with the success of MTV’s Jackass in the early 2000s, recently shared photos and videos of himself in hospital with what appeared to be boils and burns on his torso.

“This could have been SO much worse, and it was AMAZING!” he wrote on Instagram, saying that his injuries wouldn’t “slow me down”. “I got pretty hurt, but whatever,” he later added.


Confirming that there are “no plans for another Jackass movie”, Steve-O explained that the stunt was for a new comedy special he’s recording, which sees him “going crazier than ever before”.

Detailing this particular stunt, Steve-O explained that he was “making snow angels with rocket engine fuel”, what he called “fire angels”. See photos and video below. Footage of the stunt has not yet been released.

  • Disclaimer: Please do not try this at home.




Speaking to NME in 2016, Steve-O commented on the chances of a Jackass reunion.

He said: “I think the odds of a fourth Jackass film are virtually non-existent. The chances of us getting together for an unrelated project are much higher and I know that myself and Johnny Knoxville are both working on separate films that will allow for us to do all the stunts and antics that we’re known for built into a script. Both movies have a Jackie Chan approach, which is a story loaded with all kinds of physical stunts. We’re in a race as to who can get our movie out first.”