Steven Avery’s brother breaks his silence over ‘Making A Murderer’ case

Earl Avery believes his brother is innocent

Steven Avery’s younger brother has given his first televised interview since Making A Murderer debuted on Netflix, saying that he doubts the evidence used to prosecute his family member.

Avery is the focus of Making A Murderer, the Netflix documentary which tells the story of his conviction for the murder of Teresa Halbach in 2005. Both and nephew Brendan Dassey are serving life sentences for the murder, having been convicted in 2007. Making A Murderer pays particular attention to perceived injustices in the case.

Earl Avery spoke to Access Hollywood from his Manitowoc home and alleged that Teresa Halbach’s car was not on their land on the date of her murder.

“We drove right through there, where that car was supposed to be and it wasn’t there,” he said. “That night of the 31st, we were rabbit hunting.” Earl said he alerted police to this fact, but they “didn’t say nothing about it”.

Elsewhere, Earl echoed many viewers view that the lack of blood in the garage where police found a bullet seemed unusual.

“If somebody’s going to slice somebody’s throat, you know, there’s going to be blood – something,” he said. “And they say they cleaned up in the garage, but there’s all dust and everything all over everything. How do you clean up and then put the dust back?”

Elsewhere, Steven Avery’s lawyer has said that she has new evidence she believes will exonerate her client while Making A Murderer lawyer Ken Kratz is writing a book he says will prove Steven Avery’s guilt.