Steven Avery’s lawyer shares new evidence she claims proves the ‘Making A Murderer’ subject’s innocence

Warning: spoiler alert

The lawyer for Steven Avery, the subject of Netflix’s Making A Murdererhas shared new evidence in the case of Teresa Halbach’s murder, which she says proves his innocence.

Kathleen Zellner, who’s work on Avery and Brendan Dassey’s case is documented in Part two of the series which came out last month, has taken to Twitter to outline the evidence that was not featured in the new episodes in 20 steps.

Introducing the thread, she wrote, “Making A Murderer watchers, listen up.  I’m going to walk you through what I’ve learned through my investigation that you didn’t see in the show.”


You can view the full thread from start to finish below:


In conclusion, Zellner says the “killer is the person who had the access and opportunity to plant Steven Avery’s fresh blood in Teresa Halbach’s car”.

Earlier this month, it was revealed Avery and his nephew Dassey may be freed thanks to a US midterm election result which saw Democrat Tony Evers gain control of the governorship in Wisconsin – the state that the true-crime documentary is set in.

Jerome Buting, Avery’s trial lawyer for the murder of Halbach, called for the Governor-elect to free Avery and his nephew.

The true-life crime documentary was first released in 2015. Part one documents Avery’s false conviction of sexual assault in 1985, which took 18 years to overturn, and later focuses on his and his nephew’s conviction for Halbach’s murder in 2005.

In the second series, tenacious lawyer Zellner thoroughly examines the Halbach investigation and unearths new evidence she believes will prove the men’s innocence.

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