Steven Moffat dismisses idea of ‘Sherlock’ movie spin-off

Show's co-creator unsure on big-screen adventure

Sherlock co-creator Steven Moffat has dismissed the idea that the show could be adapted into a film.

Speaking at a BAFTA screening of the final episode of the third series, ‘His Last Vow’, Moffat said that he would only be interested in a big-screen spin-off if he thought there was a “pressing narrative reason” behind it.

“It would just be, ‘How does it make it better to go to the cinema?’ – that would be the question,” he said, according to Digital Spy. “Everyone knows that cinema and television – in terms of production quality, in terms of everything really – are getting closer together, so how would we make it better if we put it on the big-screen?

He added: “Yes, you could take it to movies and then you’d get one every three years as opposed to three every two years – why is that better?”

Moffat also cited the success of the 50th anniversary episode of ‘Doctor Who’, which was broadcast in cinemas and was a hit at both the UK and US box office, as proof that it wasn’t necessary to switch from television to film. “The Doctor Who special we did, ‘The Day Of The Doctor’, we put in the cinemas and on that weekend it came number two at the American box office,” he said. “That’s a TV programme – number two at the American box office for the weekend it came out, with limited distribution. That’s television handing cinema its own arse!”

Sherlock returned on January 1 of this year, with viewers tuning in to see how the sleuth had faked his own death after jumping off a hospital roof at the end of series two. A teaser trailer for ‘His Last Vow’, which will be broadcast this weekend (Sunday 12), was unveiled earlier this week – click below to watch.