Steven Moffat sets record straight about ‘Doctor Who’ movie

Showrunner says that any movie will not be a Hollywood reboot

Steven Moffat has shot down speculation that Doctor Who will be rebooted for a big screen version.

Fans had been reacted angrily to comments made by David Yates, who seemingly announced plans for a movie version that would “start from scratch” and that the show would need a “pretty big transformation to work in a bigger arena”.

However, the showrunner has now taken to Twitter in a bid to set the record straight. He said: “To clarify, any Doctor Who movie would be made by the BBC team, star the current TV Doctor and would certainly NOT be a Hollywood reboot.”

Moffat added that the confusion had stemmed from an “off the cuff” comment made by the prospective director: “David Yates, great director, was speaking off the cuff, on a red carpet. You’ve seen the rubbish I talk when I’m cornered.”

Yates had previously stated the a Doctor Who film would take years to reach the big screen, making it unlikely that Matt Smith would still be in the lead role in any case, since the average stint for a TV Doctor has traditionally been three or four years.

Doctor Who returns at Christmas with The Doctor, The Widow And The Wardrobe.