Steven Moffat: ”Sherlock’ fans have missed a big clue’

Series creator says online theories about Sherlock's miraculous escape are wide of the mark

Sherlock creator Steven Moffat has said that fans of the show who have been attempting to solve the mysterious ending of the series’ finale have missed a vital clue.

The show ended its second series on Sunday (January 15) night with ‘The Reichenbach Fall’, an episode which saw star Benedict Cumberbatch’s eponymous detective apparently jump from a building and plummet to his death, only for him to emerge alive and well, observing his own funeral at the show’s finale.

Moffat told the Radio Times that he had been following speculation about what fans of the show believed had happened to Sherlock, but that they had all missed out a crucial clue.

He said: “I’ve been online and looked at all the theories and there’s one clue that everyone’s missed. It’s something that Sherlock did that was very out of character, but which nobody has picked up on.”

Sherlock has been confirmed to return for a third series, with writer Mark Gatiss saying that they have no plans to end the series.

He said: “We love doing this, this is brilliant fun so [we’ll keep going] as long as we can keep Benedict [Cumberbatch] and Martin [Freeman] coming back.”