Stewart Lee threatens to crush audience member’s phone at gig

Comedian had threatened to destroy any phones used during his stand-up show

Stewart Lee launched a long attack on an audience member for using her phone during his London show last night (October 12).

At the start of his show at London’s 400-capacity Leicester Square Theatre, Lee had warned fans not to use their phones during the gig. He explained: “I hate seeing people’s bored faces. And because the phones light up when you use them, I can see you. There’s always a bored friend who you’ve dragged along, thinking they were coming to see Lee Mack.” Lee then warned that, if he saw anyone use a phone, he’d use his microphone stand to crush it.

However, halfway through his 80-minute performance, Lee interrupted his show after seeing a woman in the middle of the audience get her phone out. He walked off stage and into the crowd, demanding: “You were warned. Give me your phone.” As the woman protested that she hadn’t been using her phone, Lee responded: “You’re lying. I saw you. Come on, give me your phone. Give me your phone.” As the audience member continued to protest her innocence, Lee said: “Where was that blue glow coming from, then? Your c**t? Give me your phone. You were told.”


As the woman continued to say that she hadn’t used her phone, Lee eventually returned to the stage, saying: “You were told what would happen. You’re the kind of person who’ll be run over by a bus while using an app for a bus timetable to see when the next bus is.” He then resumed his routine about Game Of Thrones, which he dubbed: “Peter Stringfellow’s Lord Of The Rings.”

The show was part of a week-long residency at the theatre as a warm-up for Lee’s new tour, Digital Content Provider. It follows Lee’s successful stand-up show Stewart Lee’s Comedy Vehicle being axed by BBC2 this year after four series. Lee revealed during the gig that he’d twice turned down offers from Sky while Comedy Vehicle was on, saying that his politics wouldn’t allow him to appear on a channel owned by Rupert Murdoch.