Three ‘Stranger Things’ board games to be released including Monopoly and Eggo card game

Hasbro are bring the Upside-Down to your living room

With Stranger Things season two only weeks away from release, Hasbro have released information on three new board games based on the hit Netflix show.

The new tabletop Stranger Things games are the perfect way to spend the Halloween season between binge-watch sessions of the second season of the show, due out October 27.

‘Stranger Things’ Monopoly will see players buy, sell and trade locations and vehicles as you search the town of Hawkins for Will Byers, CNET reports. Community Chest and Chance cards are replaced with Walkie-Talkie and Blinking Lights cards. Instead of houses and hotels, there’s forts and hideouts.

stranger things board game

Image credit: Hasbro

The second board game is the super spooky Ouija Board which resemble the Christmas lights Joyce Byers hung up to contact Will in the upside-down.

The board unfortunately doesn’t light up when you’ve made contact with a presence beyond our dimension but it’ll make a great Christmas present.

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Image credit: Hasbro

The final game of the three is the Eggo card game which makes reference to Eleven’s love of Eggo waffles in the show. Waffles which, with this recipe, can be made at home relatively easily..

The card game functions similar to Uno with each player working to clear their cards before the Demogorgon attacks.

Image credit: Hasbro

Both ‘Stranger Things’ Monopoly and Ouija board games are out soon, but the Eggo Card Game won’t be released until later this year

The Duffer brothers recently confirmed that the new series will feel more like a “sequel” than an anthology, and Executive Producer Dan Cohen told Yahoo! that the new season would feel “bigger and badder and darker” than the original.