Composers behind ‘Stranger Things’ soundtrack announce new EP with S U R V I V E

It's a special record full of remixes

The composers who worked on the Stranger Things soundtrack have announced a new EP with their band S U R V I V E, sharing a new track from the record.

The EP, ‘RR7387’, features remixes of tracks from their 2016 record ‘RR7349’ and is out on November 3rd via Relapse.

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Already released from the new EP is the Lena Willikens remix of ‘Cutthroat’. Listen below:

The electronic band is composed of Mark Donica, Adam Jones, Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein, the latter two being the composers who created the spooky, ‘80s themed soundtrack to Netflix hit Stranger Things.


A couple of weeks ago, Dixon and Stein were awarded the 2017 Emmy for Outstanding Original Main Title Theme Music for Stranger Things.

In May, it was revealed that their work on the Stranger Things season two score would have a Twin Peaks influence.