‘Stranger Things’ composers talk season 2 soundtrack and ‘Twin Peaks’ influence

Michael Stein and Kyle Dixon of the band SURVIVE speak in new interview

Stranger Things soundtrack composers Michael Stein and Kyle Dixon have discussed their work for season 2 of the hit Netflix show.

Stein and Dixon of the band SURVIVE spoke recently to Billboard about their soundtrack work for the upcoming season.

In the interview, Stein detailed the main difference in their work for the second season as compared to the first, revealing that they were now largely composing the music to fit the director’s final cut rather than after initially reading the scripts.

“Just because of the band’s popularity, we have less time to spend on doing the conceptual stuff, and I think we’ve pretty much gotten it nailed down to what works and what they’ll respond to,” Stein said. “Last [season], we would end up having to do a cue a few times because they changed the cuts. It created more work for us.”

“I don’t think we’ve gotten a ‘no’ yet this season,” Dixon added. “That did happen last season. I guess it’s getting easier once we’ve gotten over the initial learning stage.”

The pair went on to reveal that the score would continue to be synth-based. “I don’t know if any of the characters are calling for a guitar to come out,” joked Stein.

They also described being influenced by the iconic soundtrack from Twin Peaks. “We wanted [our music] to have that kind of impact,” Stein said.

Dixon and Stein also described their band’s increased popularity following their work for the show. “When we did the initial run of SURVIVE shows post the season of Stranger Things coming out, about 95 percent of that tour sold out,” Stein says. “It probably had to do with all these Stranger Things fans.”

Meanwhile, the soundtrack for the first season of Stranger Things is set to be re-released as a vinyl boxset in July.

Stranger Things season two will be released on Netflix on Halloween (October 31).