‘Stranger Things’ creator says Eleven was meant to die in season 1

Ross Duffer also teases plans for season 3

Stranger Things co-creator Ross Duffer has admitted that the character of Eleven was originally meant to die and not return at the end of season 1.

The hit Netflix show recently aired its second season on the streaming service, with Millie Bobby Brown’s fan favourite character Eleven returning early on despite appearing to have been killed off at the end of the first season.

During a recent Q&A at Chapman University in California, Duffer reportedly said: “Maybe I shouldn’t say this because I like to pretend that it was all planned out, but [the show] was originally pitched as a limited series. So it was like, Eleven was gonna sacrifice herself and save the world and then that was gonna be it.”


Duffer went on to reveal that they had made vague plans for a second season before even shooting the first but that Eleven wasn’t part of them. “[Netflix] were like, ‘Well, we like this but how could it keep going?’ And you’re just sort of riffing in the moment and we were like, ‘Well Will’s back from this other dimension and he’s not doing well,’ and they were like, ‘Great!'”

Speaking about a third season of the show, Duffer promised more air time for Lucas’ sister Erica. “‘We got to use more Erica’ – that was one of the first things we said in the writers’ room,” he said.

Meanwhile, Millie Bobby Brown has revealed that she nearly gave up acting altogether before landing a part in the Netflix show.

Following minor roles in NCISModern Family and Grey’s Anatomy, Brown lost out on a part in X-Men spin-off film Logan. It led her to reconsider her fledgling career until Stranger Things came along.

“I felt at one point I couldn’t do it [any more], but then I got [Stranger Things] and everything changed,” she said, adding that acting is now “like breathing to me.”