‘Stranger Things’ fan theory has a fresh idea about where the show is actually set

Are they onto something?

A new Stranger Things fan theory has offered some pretty convincing evidence about where the show is really supposed to be set.

Despite the Netflix show taking place in the fictional town of Hawkins, Indiana, one reddit user says that it’s actually based off locations in East Tennessee.

And as the show returns for its third season on Netflix, it’s worth noting that there is some pretty convincing evidence to back up their claims.

According to Reddit user wchamby, it begins some 12 minutes into the show’s first episode with the sight of a Roane County Schools bus. There are only two counties in the whole of the US which boast that name – West Virginia and, more importantly, East Tennessee.

Stranger Things

‘Stranger Things’

The hints get even stronger in the second season when Chief Hopper (Davis Harbour) returns after an overnight search for Will Byers (Noah Schnapp) and admits: “We’ve been searching all night. We went all the way to Cartersville.”

Rather tellingly, Cartersville is a community situated within the town of Mount Carmel in Hawkins County, Tennessee.

Later in that same episode, Hopper is seen investigating an apparent episode and interviews a fisherman who tells him: “We were fixin’ to go fishing down to Etowah next Sunday.”

Things get even stranger when you realise that the actor who played the fisherman is David Dwye, who just so happens to be from Maryville, Tennessee.

The whole evidence is pretty convincing and you can read it all here.

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