‘Stranger Things’ fan theory predicts that Eleven will spark Chernobyl disaster in season four

A plot line too far?

A new Stranger Things fan theory has predicted an unsavoury twist for the show’s fourth season: Eleven will spark the Chernobyl disaster.

After the events of season three, one Reddit user has made some bold predictions for the show’s fourth run. They believe that the nuclear disaster could be at the centre of the show.

The theory wildly predicts that the next season will take place around April 1986 when the Chernobyl disaster occurred. The third season drew to a close in October 1985, so it would place the action occurring only a whole six months later.


Stranger Things

It’s then suggested that Chernobyl could end up being caused or even fabricated in an audacious bid to cover up a battle between Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown), the Russian spies recently introduced in season three and a selection of other beasts, including the creature introduced in the mid-credits sequences.

The possibility of the show heading to the Soviet Union is also heightened by the fact that the Russians used several reactors to open gateways in season three. It also adds weight to the theory that “the American” mentioned in the show’s mid-credits sequence is actually Chief Jim Hopper who was presumed dead at the end season three.

This comes after the Duffer brothers previously claimed that season four will be defined by “plotlines into areas outside of Hawkins”.

Stranger Things is now streaming on Netflix.