‘Stranger Things’ fans are convinced Dustin and Suzie are responsible for two character deaths

Say it ain't so

A number of Stranger Things fans are convinced that Dustin’s girlfriend Suzie is responsible for Hopper and Billy’s deaths.

During the action-packed season 3 finale, Dustin finally contacts his new love interest in order to find out a vital piece of information to save Hawkins from disaster.

Before Suzie reminds Dusty of the Planck constant code required to close the gate to the Upside Down, she insists he first takes part in a duet of the song ‘NeverEnding Story’.


While providing a wholesome moment amongst the doom, some viewers are convinced that this sweet musical number cost the life of fan-favourite Jim Hopper. As the track plays out, the Russian hitman tracks down the rogue cop and Joyce Byers – with Hop then getting held up next to the gate. Elsewhere, Billy is killed at the hands of the terrifying Mind Flayer.

Stranger Things Hopper
Police chief Hopper in ‘Stranger Things’. Credit: Netflix

“If Suzie didn’t stop to do her fucking song Hopper and Billy wouldn’t be gone,” one fan reasoned. Another commented: “You know, SUZIE POO, maybe if you hadn’t felt the need to have your little Disney moment with Dustin.. HOPPER AND BILLY WOULD STILL BE ALIVE.”

A third argued that the deceased characters would “still be standing” if it wasn’t for the loved-up kids’ walkie talkie singalong. See those tweets are more below.


While Billy’s gruesome death was seen on screen, the status of Hopper remains uncertain. Earlier this month, showrunners Matt and Ross Duffer seemingly revealed the character’s fate while mentioning the show’s nod to Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back.

A fan theory also suggests that “the American” spoken about by the enemy Russians in the finale’s mid-credits sequence could well be Hopper.

Meanwhile, Stranger Things‘ Sadie Sink has teased what’s next for Max following the death of Billy. “She’s in a completely different emotional headspace,” she said of her character going into season 4.