‘Stranger Things’ hair-stylist responds to rumours there will be ‘multiple Elevens’ in season two

Reports recently stated that Netflix show had issued a casting call for women willing to cut their hair

The hair-stylist who works on Stranger Things has responded to recent suggestions that there could be multiple Elevens in the next season.

In October, it was reported that the Netflix show had issued a casting call for women willing to cut their hair, leading to speculation that there could be more characters like Eleven in season two.

Speaking to Refinery 29Stranger Things’ lead hairstylist Sarah Hindsgaul said: “We all look at the rumours online — it’s fun to see what people are writing. The big one so far for season two was a Reddit post that said there was an ad for extras [willing to] shave their heads, but that got blown out of proportion.”


“We actually needed women who would be willing to cut their hair and get bangs, while all the male extras actually needed to grow their hair out. Some male extras have been growing out their hair for the past nine months.”


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Netflix recently confirmed that it has renewed Stranger Things for a second season. Season two will feature nine episodes, one more than the first, launching on Netflix at a date in 2017 which has yet to be announced.

The show’s creators have revealed that they have been reading fan theories about the upcoming plot and that some of them are correct.

Co-creator Ross Duffer said: “Some of these theories are elaborate and smart. They’re not crap. I love reading this stuff… We search Twitter, even though we’re not on it.”

“It’s really gratifying,” brother Matt added. “Because, while you’re making it, you’re sometimes only getting feedback from two or three people… so it was insane to see it go out into the world and be experienced by that many people.”


“We’re trying not let it change our process. The good thing is that we have most of the story broken out before anyone started tweeting or writing about the show. Of course, a lot of what people want is already in the second season.”