‘Stranger Things’ star Jamie Campbell Bower listened to Placebo’s cover of ‘Running Up That Hill’ while filming

"Why not stick to the theme that’s already in the show?"

Stranger Things star Jamie Campbell Bower listened to Placebo‘s cover of ‘Running Up That Hill’ to help him get out of character as Vecna.

The original version of the song, performed by Kate Bush, has found renewed popularity after featuring regularly in the fourth season of Stranger Things.

However, when trying to get out of the mindset of a demon-like creature who pounces on the fears of his prey, Bower found Placebo’s 2006 version to be particularly helpful.


“When I was prepping for Vecna, to get into Vecna, I would use a lot of bands like Sun 0))), Carpathian Forest, Darkthrone, Mayhem,” the actor recently reveal on the Kyle Meredith With… podcast.

“A lot of black metal kind of stuff that I just really latched onto and thought, ‘Wow, this is great.’ There’s also something about the sensitivity in the way black metal is made and their belief system which I really fucking vibe with.

Jamie Campbell Bower
Jamie Campbell Bower has joined the cast of ‘Stranger Things’. CREDIT: David M. Benett/Dave Benett/Getty Images

“That was Vecna getting into Vecna,” he continued, before going on to explain how he got out of character.

“Escaping Vecna… I’m a huge fan of Placebo,” he said. “I love Placebo. And obviously Placebo covered Kate Bush’s ‘Running Up That Hill’ sometime in, I dunno, I guess it must have been the late ’90s, early 2000s. And so I would go with that.

“Why not stick to the theme that’s already in the show? But the song is so beautiful, we love Kate Bush, we stan Kate Bush… Or if I’m being really naughty, if someone wanted me to be naughty, and they asked, ‘What would you pick?’, I would say, ‘I dunno, fucking Miley Cyrus’ ‘Party in the USA” or something bollocks like that.”


The first seven episodes of Stranger Things season four released on Netflix last month, with two final instalments set to arrive on July 1.

The streaming service has released a teaser trailer for the last two episodes, which you can watch here.