Stranger Things season two will be inspired by Indiana Jones

Show will capture "magic" of 'Temple of Doom' say Duffer brothers

Stranger Things season two will be inspired by the cinema of 1984, as creators the Duffer brothers confirm that the show will be set a year after the events in the first season.

Season Two of the hit Netflix show has not yet been confirmed but Netflix CEO Reed Hastings recently stated that the streaming service “would be dumb not to” recommission the series.

Speaking to IGN, Matt and Ross Duffer said that the second season will “draw influence from a lot of [1984] cinema”. “1984 was a f**king amazing year, especially the movies that came out in the summer of 1984,” said Matt.


“It was an awesome year for cinema, so we’re trying, hopefully, to capture a little bit of the magic of those films. Something like Temple of Doom,” he continued. “I actually really love Temple of Doom, I love that it gets a little darker and weirder from Raiders.”

He explained that Temple of Doom “messed up a lot of kids” but that he loves that about the film – “that it really traumatised some children.” He added, “not saying that we want to traumatise children, just that we want to get a little darker and weirder.”

Matt Duffer also said that season two is going to feel “very different”, stating that he’s “sure that a lot of people are going to prefer season one.” “I think it’s going to be a little darker, and a little weirder,” he said.

In terms of finishing the show completely, Matt explained that the brothers have an ending that they want to get to “in a believable way.” “It’s just us figuring out how many episodes and potential seasons we’d need to tell that story,” he continued. “That’s the goal and the hope, and it’s really, really difficult. But hopefully we get there.”