‘Stranger Things’ star Sadie Sink reveals shakeup for Max following shock season 3 death

A flash-forward showed her doing pretty well after the finale's gruesome events

Stranger Things star Sadie Sink has revealed that there will be a shakeup for her character Max in the show’s next season, as she’s set to struggle with grief over the death of her brother Billy.

Villain Billy Hargrove – played by Dacre Montgomery – redeemed himself at the end of season 3, offering himself up to the Mind Flayer to save Hawkins. While his stepsister Max was seen traumatised during the emotional finale scene, a jump to a few months later appeared to show her coping unusually well with her loss.

In a new interview with Teen Vogue, the actor has opened up on how this will develop in season 4 – explaining that “everything’s changed” for Max.


Billy Stranger Things
‘Stranger Things” Billy. Credit: Netflix

“I think it makes sense for her to be OK, because that’s kind of as messed up as their relationship was,” Sink told the publication. “[Billy’s death] still really affects the dynamic within her family.

“But in true Max fashion, she’s not going to let anyone see how she’s really feeling at some points.”

The young actor went on to say that while Max was “pretending that everything’s fine” in the last episode, “really, everything’s changed for her.”

“She’s in a completely different emotional headspace,” she added.


Last month, Billy actor Montgomery opened up the difficulties he’s faced on his journey to success and stardom. In a post on Instagram, he revealed that he had a “tough time in school” and “suffered from anxiety from a young age”.

Meanwhile, the creators of Stranger Things have appeared to have revealed the fate of fan-favourite Jim Hopper.