‘Succession’ star Alan Ruck on driving in Joe Biden’s motorcade: “We got to blow through all the red lights”

The actor also recalled meeting the US president

Succession star Alan Ruck has opened up about his recent experience driving as part of Joe Biden‘s motorcade and meeting the US president.

The Connor Roy actor – who harbours presidential ambitions in the HBO series – spoke about the unique opportunity in a chat with NME, revealing he had a friend in Biden’s team that helped him to land a gig as a driver.

“I just drove in president Biden’s motorcade,” he said. “A friend of mine is part of Joe Biden’s advanced team, and our kids go to the same school. She said one Friday, ‘what are you doing Monday, are you working?’ I said, ‘no.’ She said, ‘do you want to drive in a presidential motorcade?’ I said, ‘yes… why?’


“I didn’t know this, but they fly in secret service and military to drive all the important people, but all administrations rely on volunteers to drive members of the press, and so forth,” Ruck explained. “And my joke was like, ‘yes, because if a van full of reporters driven by some silly actor gets blown up, who cares!’

CREDIT: Chris Kleponis/CNP/Bloomberg via Getty Images

“But anyway, I did that, and I showed up and I was vetted and all that sort of thing. And I was driving a bunch of reporters and cameramen in a van.

“And it was great fun, we had motorcycle cops screaming past us on both sides. We weren’t going that fast, we were only going about 60 miles an hour. But we got to blow through all the red lights, which I truly enjoyed!”

The star said he also got to meet Biden afterwards, recalling: “Briefly the next morning there was a brief photo op, and we had masks on.



“He didn’t know me from Adam, but he just said, ‘good to see ya pal!’ And I said, ‘good to see you!’ And then they took the photo and then they were quickly pushing me away. And he said, ‘thanks for your service,’ and I was like, ‘thanks for all you do.'”

However, Ruck admitted he wasn’t sure the president was aware of who he was talking to, adding: “I don’t think he knew who I was, we were all masked up.”

Succession is currently airing its third season, with the second episode broadcast last night (October 24).

Meanwhile, Ruck’s co-star Kieran Culkin – who plays Roman – is set to host Saturday Night Live next month, with musical guest Ed Sheeran. However, the latter’s COVID-19 diagnosis has made things unclear over whether he will still appear at present.