‘Succession’ story leads to “incredible” interest in leaving money in wills to Greenpeace

In a recent episode, Ewan Roy (James Cromwell) leaves his entire will to the environmental charity

A storyline in the current third season of Succession has led to an “incredible” amount of interest in people leaving money to Greenpeace in their wills.

In a recent episode of the hit HBO show, Ewan Roy (James Cromwell) leaves his entire will to the environmental charity, leaving a distraught Cousin Greg without any inheritance.

In the wake of the storyline, the Guardian report that Greenpeace have received over 22,000 requests for advice about leaving money to the charity in wills.


The charity’s head of donors and legacies in the UK, John Hutchin, told the Guardian: “It’s incredible the amount of interest we’ve seen off the back of this storyline,” he says. “Our planet needs protecting now more than ever, and the gifts that people leave to us in their wills really are vital to funding our campaigns.”

He added: “Whether you’re a lifelong environmentalist whose work is not yet finished, or, like Uncle Ewan, you have ulterior motives, leaving a gift in your will is a great way to achieving that.”

After Ewan cut Cousin Greg out of his will, the character (played by Nicholas Braun) revealed that he was planning to sue Greenpeace for defamation of character.

After the episode with the storyline was released, Greenpeace shared an article about the story, in which they wrote: “Inspired by Succession? Whether or not there’s a cousin Greg in your life, here’s how you can follow in Uncle Ewan’s footsteps and remember Greenpeace in your Will – or just chip in a few pounds today.”

Sharing it on Twitter, they wrote: Hey @nicholasbraun, we heard Cousin Greg wants to sue Greenpeace. Might want to take a look at this before he does,” to which Braun replied: “Still gonna do it.”


In a recap of episode five of season three of Succession, NME said: “Things get even worse for Greg when his grandfather Ewan (James Cromwell) tells him that he is going to give the entirety of his estate to Greenpeace. “Even my part?” asks Greg. “That was the first part,” says Ewan, who is furious that Greg has thrown his lot in with Logan’s “gang of crapulous shils”.

“Greg asks someone on the phone if it’s possible to sue one’s grandparent “in an affectionate way”. Changing tack, he decides to sue Greenpeace.”

‘Succession’ continues tonight (November 28) with the seventh episode of the new season, available in the UK via NOW.

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