Sydney Sweeney says MAGA hat party controversy was “misinterpreted”

"People are so fast to build someone up, and then they love tearing them down"

Sydney Sweeney has addressed “misinterpretations” surrounding a controversial family party last year after photos from the event appeared to show guests wearing Donald Trump MAGA hats.

Last year, the Euphoria and White Lotus star faced backlash after photos from her mother’s 60th birthday party seemingly showed guests wearing MAGA (Make American Great Again) merch in support of the controversial former president and Blue Lives Matter T-shirts, a countermovement to Black Lives Matter in the US.

The red caps were later revealed to read “Make Sixty Great Again”.


Sweeney addressed the fall-out last year in an interview with GQ, sharing: “It’s been turning into a wildfire and nothing I can say will take it back to the correct track.”

She also wrote in a tweet that “an innocent celebration” had “turned into an absurd political statement, which was not the intention”.

Now, the actor has addressed the situation again and insisted that there were “so many misinterpretations”.

“The people in the pictures weren’t even my family,” she told Variety. “The people who brought the things that people were upset about were actually my mom’s friends from L.A. who have kids that are walking outside in the Pride parade, and they thought it would be funny to wear because they were coming to Idaho.”

“People are so fast to build someone up, and then they love tearing them down,” she added. “And it’s so fascinating to see. Three years ago, I was going to college just like everybody else. And all of a sudden, I’m not a human anymore.”


ydney Sweeney attends a screening of HBO Films' "Reality" at Museum of Modern Art
Sydney Sweeney attends a screening of HBO Films’ “Reality” at Museum of Modern Art. CREDIT: Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

Elsewhere, Sweeney – who plays Cassie Howard on Euphoria – recently shared that two of her family members walked out of the room while watching her on the HBO teen drama.

Last week, Sweeney shared a tribute in memory of Euphoria co-star Angus Cloud following his death aged 25 at the end of last month.

“This is the hardest thing I’ve ever had to post, and I’m struggling to find all the words,” she wrote on Instagram. You will be missed more than you know, but I’m so blessed to have known you in this lifetime, and I’m sure everyone who has ever met you feels the same.”

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