‘Taskmaster’ announces new book with “101 next-level tasks and clues”

"This is a race with many twists and turns..."

Taskmaster has announced a new book from “Little Alex Horne” full of 101 new tasks and clues.

Bring Me the Head of the Taskmaster is described as “part game, part treasure hunt”, offering fans of the show a chance to enjoy an interactive experience.

Horne teased the new book in a video, explaining how there will also be “some extraordinary Taskmaster treasure up for grabs.”


Take a look at the announcement here:

“It’s not a race against the clock, that would be far easier,” the description of the book reads in a press release. “Clocks can be fast, but clocks never win races. It’s nearly always humans. Sometimes horses. Occasionally dogs.

“This is a race against your fellow Taskmaster players. You are competing against everyone else who is reading this book. All you’ve got to do is find The Taskmaster’s Head first.

“This is a race with many twists and turns, that requires very little running, much sideways thinking, and quite a lot of patience.”

Horne’s instructions go on to explain that some tasks will be for one person, others for family and friends and bigger groups.


Horne concludes: “Some of these distractions may slow you down, but some may help you get where you need to be. As always, enjoy the tasks, do your best, make good choices.”

Bring Me The Head of the Taskmaster is available to pre-order now from here, and shipping will begin in September.

Meanwhile, the contestants for season 12 of Taskmaster were recently announced, with Guz Khan and Alan Davies set to take part.