‘Taskmaster’ launches Netflix-style global streaming service

"If you're a fan of adverts, the old YouTube episodes will stay there completely free"

Taskmaster has launched its own worldwide streaming service, bringing together episodes of the British comedy show alongside international versions.

Taskmaster Supermax+ is available now for £5.99 a month. Subscribers will eventually get every episode of Taskmaster ever made, ad free. As of today though (March 5) only the first 3 series of the British version of the show are available, with series 4 joining the service on March 11.

“As I’ve been told quite a few times that not everyone everywhere can watch Taskmaster, we wanted to create a channel where fans can watch all episodes ad-free; the complete global home for all things Taskmaster,” reads a welcome message from creator Alex Horne.


”Season 9 will premiere soon so people in the US can finally see me dressed up as a mermaid. If you’re a fan of adverts, don’t worry, the old YouTube episodes will stay there completely free.”

In an interview with the Guardian, Horne said that the platform is “sort of just an experiment.”

“We’re not taking it off YouTube or anything like that,” he continued. “This will sit alongside it. But I also like the idea that everything is in one place and we can do what we want with it. So we can put episodes up from other countries, and we can do some extra bits just for this. But we do like the idea of having the complete collection in one place, I suppose, because we’ve built up a weird little world.”

According to Horne and executive producer Jon Thoday, it’s the first time a show has ever launched a Netflix-style platform. “ “We have absolutely no idea,” if it will work, said Thoday. “We don’t really mind, either,” added Horne.


Taskmaster series 13 will premiere on Channel 4 later this month. It will see Ardal O’Hanlon, Bridget Christie, Chris Ramsay, Judi Love and Sophie Duker compete in a range of challenges set by Alex Horne, with Greg Davies judging their efforts.