Taylor Kitsch confirms he will appear in second season of ‘True Detective’

Actor says that he 'can't wait' to begin shooting on HBO crime drama

Taylor Kitsch has seemingly confirmed that he will appear in the forthcoming second season of HBO drama True Detective.

HBO has yet to confirm the deal but Kitsch told AdWeek in a new interview that he is excited to work with writer Nic Pizzolatto and that he “can’t fucking wait” to start shooting the series.

“I’m really excited,” said Kitsch, who previously appeared in Friday Night Lights as well as blockbuster movies Battleship and John Carter. “I’ve just been prepping… it was tough to sit a year out, keeping a finger crossed that I was going to get True… it was just showing a lot of patience on my end and turning a lot of stuff down because I wanted to be a part of it… So I’m excited.”

Kitsch went on to explain how the role revived him as an actor. “Having this meeting with Nic Pizzolatto, it kind of brought me back to when I was here in New York and why I wanted to be a actor, why you struggle and why you don’t quit. And when we’re talking, I mean he’s obviously incredibly smart and passionate, so that rubs off. And you’re just excited to go now. I can’t fucking wait to hit camera.”

As reported, Colin Farrell and Vince Vaughn will also appear in the second season of the award-winning show. The story will focus on three law-enforcement officers from different cities and branches of the government tasked with solving the brutal murder of a corrupt high-level city official.

Vaughn will reportedly play career criminal Frank Semyon. A thug-turned-businessman, he’s connected with the local mayor and, together with their cronies, they’re trying to push forward the construction of rail links between southern and northern California and skim off the cash from federal grants.