Teaser trailer for final episode of ‘Sherlock’ series three revealed – watch

BBC show concludes next week (January 12)

A teaser trailer for the final episode of the third season of Sherlock has been revealed – scroll down and click to watch.

The 30-second clip for ‘His Last Vow’ shows the detective, played by Benedict Cumberbatch, going up against his new nemesis Charles Augustus Magnussen, who is played by The Killing actor Lars Mikkelsen. In the preview, Sherlock claims that no-one “turns his stomach” like his new adversary, while his brother Mycroft, played by Mark Gatiss, warns him: “You go against Magnussen, you’ll find yourself going against me.”

Sherlock returned on January 1 of this year, with viewers tuning in to see how the sleuth had faked his own death after jumping off a hospital roof at the end of series two. The second episode of the run, The Sign Of Three, was broadcast last night (January 5) and the series will conclude this weekend (January 12).

The first series of Sherlock aired in summer 2010, with a second run following in early 2012. Since then, the show’s stars have become increasingly in demand. Martin Freeman, who plays Dr John Watson, stars as Bilbo Baggins in Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit trilogy, while Benedict Cumberbatch has roles in several high-profile films, including Star Trek Into Darkness.