Teasing new poster for season seven of ‘The Walking Dead’ released

It depicts the crossover moment between season six's dramatic cliffhanger and the new season opener

The Walking Dead has revealed the first official poster for its much-anticipated seventh season.

Released earlier today by the show’s US network, AMC, the poster depicts the main cast of the long-running zombie show on their knees in front of the new antagonist Negan, who is wielding his barbed wire-covered baseball bat.

As previously covered, this is a shot taken from the season six finale, where Negan and his gang of ‘Saviors’ trapped Rick and his gang. Negan then proceeded to explain that he needed to enact a revenge killing on one of Rick’s group as punishment for the show’s protagonists killing some of Negan’s men. The finale then built up to a tantalising climax where Negan’s victim was all but revealed, causing mass outrage among the show’s massive fanbase.

This new bit of information, however, should get the ball rolling on triggering viewers’ renewed excitement for the return of The Walking Dead. See the poster below:

As the above tweet explains, the first trailer for the new season will drop next Friday (July 22), which may give away further clues to fans about the identity of Negan’s unfortunate victim.

Season seven is set to premiere on AMC in the US in October of this year. Previous seasons have premiered on the 11th, 12th, 13th, 14th and 16th of the month in the past, and, as the show normally airs in the prime-time Sunday evening slot in the US, indications are that this year’s premiere date will be October 16. This has yet to be confirmed, however.

Further answers and clues as to the goings-on of season seven may also be revealed on the same day as the trailer’s release, which is premiering first at the special Walking Dead panel at Comic-Con in San Diego. Comic-Con International runs from July 21–24 this year.