Ted Lasso fans can now stay overnight at iconic Richmond pub

Fancy popping down to see Mae and cheer on Ted's boys? Well, now you can

Ted Lasso fans will be able to have an overnight stay at the show’s famous pub, The Crown & Anchor.

With season three of Apple‘s hit show about to release, the show’s makers have teamed up with Air BNB to allow fans the chance to live and breathe a tiny bit of AFC Richmond. Across three nights, the show’s iconic pub will open its doors to guests decked out in its finest fictional football regalia.

And, if that wasn’t enough, the pub’s on-screen landlady Mae (Anette Badland) will even be around to shout at them and pull some pints. Speaking about the venture with Air BNB on its launch, Badland said: “The Crown & Anchor is an essential fixture for AFC Richmond – it’s where friends, colleagues and teammates come together to celebrate our triumphs or cope with the agony of relegation.


Air BNB advertise the 'Ted Lasso' pub
Stay at the Ted Lasso pub in Richmond, London thanks to Air BNB. CREDIT: Air BNB

“That’s why I’m pleased to host guests (and take the night off!). Time to give others the opportunity to experience the same camaraderie and sense of community that Coach Lasso inspires. After all, we’re Richmond ‘til we die!”

Fans of the show will be able to try and reserve an overnight slot for up to four guests, who will have the opportunity to stay at the AFC Richmond tavern overnight on October 23, 24 and 25, 2023.

The price of the reservation will be set at £111 a night, which is a nod to the number of players on the football pitch. Those hoping to secure a booking will be able to request to book three individual one-night stays.

Mae welcomes guest to The Crown & Anchor as bookings for the Ted Lasso pub get set to go live
Mae welcomes guest to The Crown & Anchor as bookings for the Ted Lasso pub get set to go live. CREDIT: Air BNB

Those lucky enough to get a reservation can expect to enjoy some tasty London gastro pub food, all the while cheering on the beloved local Richmond sports teams – who will be decked out in AFC Richmond gear, of course.


There will also be a competitive round of darts to join in, or for those not wishing to try their luck with the arrows, the pinball machine’s top scorer’s list is begging to be refreshed.

Or, for those who prefer a more mellow competition, you can take a seat at Ted’s favorite table in the pub and challenge other guests to a round of chess.

No stay at Ted’s favourite boozer would be complete without trying the American’s game-changing biscuits. Ted Lasso fans can find out more details and request a booking at the pub beginning Tuesday, March 21 at 1:00 PM EST at airbnb.com/tedlasso.

Season three of Ted Lasso premieres on Apple TV+ on Wednesday, March 15.

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