Twitter users react to the ‘Teletubbies’ characters having children

"They had sex?!"

Twitter users have been reacting to the news that the characters from the Teletubbies appear to have had children on the show.

The popular children’s programme, which debuted in 1997 on CBBC and initially ran until 2001, was revived in 2015 for a new block of episodes.

The show has now introduced infant versions of the Teletubbies characters – known as ‘Tiddlytubbies’ – into proceedings, with the original four characters (Tinky-Winky, Dipsy, Laa Laa, and Po) seemingly the parents of the new children.


So far, eight ‘Tiddlytubbies’ have been introduced into the show: Daa Daa (green), Baa (blue), Ping (violet), RuRu (orange), Mi-Mi (sky blue), Umby Pumby (yellow), and Nin and Duggle Dee (purple and red). The infants apparently occupy their own space within the ‘Home Dome’.

See an image of the new characters in a tweet from the official Teletubbies Twitter account below.

Twitter users have been reacting with incredulity at the new introductions, with many expressing bemusement over the fact that the original four Teletubbies characters appear to be the parents of the new infant characters.


Back in 2015, the creator of Teletubbies said that she was “a bit sad” about the show’s revival that year.

“It comes down to the times we’re in: people feel safer remaking hits of the past rather than investing in something new,” Anne Wood said.

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