The Big Bang Theory could end after season 10, reports say

We could be saying goodbye to Leonard, Sheldon, Penny et al after the latest season renewal

The Big Bang Theory could end following season 10, according to a source close to the show.

Showrunner Steve Molaro told the Hollywood Reporter than the “thinks” the long-running sitcom might say goodbye after the next season is aired, sometime in late 2016/ early 2017. The show is currently in season 9 on Channel 4.

“I can’t speak to the future or on behalf of the cast or where we’ll be then but it’s certainly possible that it could go past [next season],” Molaro said.

“The reality is that maybe season ten is the ending point. The real answer is I don’t know and all I can do right now is go episode to episode and try to make each one the best that we can.”


Molaro added: “There’s still so many episodes to go. Even if hypothetically season ten was the end, I wouldn’t be focusing on that yet. That seems like something that would be dealt with way down the line.”

The show’s viewing figures have grown fairly consistently in America over the course of its nine seasons so far, with it reaching an audience of over 19 million on average across the pond over the course of the last two seasons.

The Big Bang Theory has also brought record viewing figures to Channel 4, peaking at close to two million viewers. It’s been shown regularly in the UK since 2008. In 2010, Jim Parsons (who plays Sheldon Cooper) won an Emmy Award for his role in the show.