The Blues Brothers is getting an animated TV series

Dan Aykroyd is working with the team behind Bob's Burgers

The Blues Brothers is to return to our screens as a TV series. Dan Aykroyd is heavily involved in the revival and is currently working with the team behind Bob’s Burgers.

The animated series is set to be based around ‘Joliet’ Jake, his brother Elwood and their blues band.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, a pitch to potential networks has Aykroyd and his team curating Blues Brothers classics and other blues standards to give each episode a unique soundscape.


The Blues Brothers cartoon will be produced by Aykroyd will be produced alond with Judith Jacklin and original SNL writer Anne Beatts.

“It’s so great to accelerate Jake and Elwood at digital speed into the 21st Century via the outstanding creative group at Bento Box,” Aykroyd said.

“The show will be the Blues Brothers living in America and utilizing all new technology to make and promote their own records, seek out and record new artists and avoid law enforcement – and all while fighting for truth, justice and a better breakfast sandwich.”

The Blues Brothers began as a piece on Saturday Night Live in 1976; the skit was so popular that the duo produced a hit album, live tour and 1980 movie.

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