‘The Boys’ could have more spin-offs on the way

Erik Kripke said the team have "a couple more scripts that we're in various stages of talking about"

The Boys‘ showrunner has revealed that new spin-off projects based on the popular TV comedy are currently in consideration.

The Amazon franchise already has two series away from the main show – animated anthology Diabolical, and a live-action college-set show currently in production.

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, Erik Kripke said: “We have a couple more scripts [for shows] that we’re in various stages of talking about. I don’t think we’re going to rush it. I think we want to build it slowly.”


Kripke added that he would gauge whether there was “appetite for more [spin-offs]” based on the success of the college show.

“But I think we’re in no rush because this only works if each show is totally different than the other, and we maintain the same level of quality as The Boys,” he continued. “Otherwise, it’s sort of like, what’s the point of doing it? We’re trying really hard to not be scum fuck sellouts.

“We’re trying really hard to make sure that each show or each idea would be something we just want to do on our own anyway, whether The Boys was connected to it or not.”

Watch the latest trailer for season 3 below.

Back in March, The Boys actor Antony Starr was reportedly handed a 12-month suspended prison sentence after assaulting a chef in Spain.


The actor, who plays Homelander in the series, was arrested in the early hours of Wednesday morning (March 2) after police were called to a disturbance outside a Costa Blanca pub in Alicante, as reported by The Daily Mail.