‘The Boys’ parodies the Emmys with Supies posters and “red carpet looks”

From ‘Maeve of Easttown’ to a horny spin on ‘My Octopus Teacher’

The marketing team behind Amazon’s The Boys have leaned into the show’s takedown of celebrity culture by creating their own parody of the Emmys.

As the award show started (September 19), the Vought International social media accounts began posting “red carpet coverage” from the fictional Supies – showing specially designed looks for past and present members of the Seven.

The looks range from Homelander’s overtly patriotic outfit, where “the fabrics are all made in America by American laborers, paid in American dollars”, to The Deep dressed as a jellyfish.


They even gave out fictitious awards, creating shows which parody noted critical darlings from past and present. ‘Explore The Deep’, for example, parodies My Octopus Teacher, following The Deep’s “intimate relationship with one very special, and flexible, octopus in Her Deepness”.

Others include ‘Maeve Of Easttown’ inspired by the Kate Winslet-led limited series Mare Of Easttown, and ‘Love, Sausage’ which takes cues from Love, Simon.

The red carpet posters are designed by Laura Jean “LJ” Shannon and illustrated by Gina DeDomenico. You can check out the full set on Instagram.

If you’re unaware, Vought International is the fictional company within The Boys universe who spearhead the Seven – creating more than a few ethical troubles along the way.


The Boys was nominated for five awards at this year’s Emmys, notably for Outstanding Drama Series and Outstanding Writing for a Drama Series, but failed to win in any category.

Filming has officially wrapped on the third season of The Boys, although no official release date has been announced.