The cast of Orange Is The New Black parody ‘Peeno Noir’ with ‘Honey Jar’ – watch

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt gets some love from another Netflix series

The cast of Orange Is The New Black have produced an on-set parody of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt‘s viral track ‘Peeno Noir’.

‘Peeno Noir’ is performed by Titus Andromedon (Tituss Burgess) in the first series of the Netflix series Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, and has since become a viral hit. The original is a tongue-in-cheek melody in which the character rhymes a lot of things with pinot noir, his name for his penis.

The cast of Orange Is The New Black have their own spin on the track, rebranding it as ‘Honey Jar’ – a reference to the prison hooch that makes numerous appearances throughout the series. The OITNB rhymes link in with various crimes and prison scenarios.

View the Orange Is The New Black version of the track via YouTube, below:

And the original Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt version via YouTube below:

Orange Is The New Black is building towards its fourth season, which arrives on June 17. The latest trailer was released earlier this month.

Discussing the main themes in Orange Is The New Black’s new season, the show’s creator Jenji Kohan previously said: “We start with political agendas, the corporatisation of the prison, the stratification of people into their little mosaic groups. We want it to be a surprise, but [you can expect] all the fun stuff like race and hate and some things from current events that we wanted to filter through our lens.”

Kohan also confirmed that the show’s focus will continue to shift away from Taylor Schilling’s character Piper Chapman, who was originally at the centre of many of its storylines. “This was always intended as an ensemble show,” Kohan explained. “Piper was our entrée to our world. She’s always a presence and we’re invested in her story, but as it grows, we’re invested in everyone’s story.”