The cast of ‘The Office’ reunite amidst rumours of possible reboot

"Some of the old gang got together today".

The cast of The Office (US) reunited over the weekend, amid rumours that the Dunder Mifflin gang could be making a return to the small screen.

Earlier this year, it was claimed that the acclaimed sitcom could be making a return after it initially drew to a close in 2013.

But while nothing has been fully confirmed, the rumours seem even stronger after Angela Kinsey, who played Angela on the show, shared a photo from the reunion.

Posting on Twitter , Kinsey revealed a photo from the get-together last weekend, which was hosted by The Office creator Greg Daniels.

As well as Kinsey and Daniels, the photo saw them being joined by the likes of Rainn Wilson (Dwight), Jenna Fischer (Pam), Ed Helms (Andy), Creed Bratton (Creed), Leslie David Baker (Stanley), Paul Lieberstein (Toby), Leslie David Baker (Stanley), Oscar Nunez (Oscar) and Phyllis Smith (Phyllis).

“Some of the old gang got together today… it was so great to see everyone! I turned to Ed and said, ‘I feel like we are at a family reunion.’ He smiled and said, ‘We are.’ Thanks Greg for hosting!,” Kinsey wrote.

“For those who couldn’t make it… you were missed!”

Last month, talk of an Office reunion took centre stage once more as Steve Carell hosted Saturday Night Live.  The actor, who portrayed boss Michael Scott, was jokingly interrupted by the show’s supporting cast the  as he delivered a customary SNL monologue.

“Hi Steve! People would really love to see an Office reboot Especially me because I need that money! Let’s get that money, Steve”, said Ellie Kemper.
The actress, who played receptionist Erin Hannon, was then followed by both Ed Helms and Jenna Fischer.

Amid speculation earlier this year, cast member John Krasinski also admitted he was keen for the show to return.
“I need the incredible writers of our show to tell me what he’s doing because I’m kind of worried about him [Jim Halpert],” he said.