‘The Death Of Superman Lives: What Happened?’ nears completion

First trailer for documentary about superhero flick debuts at Comic-Con

The Kickstarter crowd-funded feature length documentary The Death Of Superman Lives: What Happened? by Joe Schnepp is on target for completion. A first trailer has been shown to fans at San Diego’s Comic-Con.

The story of the failed hero flick dates back to 1996 when a script for Superman Lives by self-confessed fanboy Kevin Smith (Clerks, Mall Rats) was to be directed by Tim Burton (Batman).

Smith wanted eventual Batman Ben Affleck (Gone Girl) for the red-caped role but Burton preferred Nicolas Cage and Smith eventually left the project.

Burton wanted to focus on the alien background of Superman but after Smith’s departure, and a decade of re-writes, the film resurfaced as Superman Returns directed by Bryan Singer (X-Men) with Brendan Routh (remember him?) as the Man Of Steel. Schnepp’s film has great access, including a chat with Burton himself.

Speaking to Everything Action about his inspiration to make the documentary, Schnepp said: “I think that this was the reboot that the character needed at the time, and that ultimately, fear got in the way.

“Fear of trying something new, something that wasn’t just more of the same. This fear was born in the voice of the fans, who sometimes become too overprotective of a character or icon, and do not allow it to grow. They could be right, they could be wrong, but I think for the most part you have to let films happen, just like any kind of media.

“Only then can you either have change that is good, like Batman Begins, born from Batman & Robin. I followed the release of production art and design with great interest. It looked really out there, in a good and exciting way. That we never got to see this, and instead were given a well-shot but bland rehash of the Superman ’80s movies, with Lex Luthor trying to buy land and Superman floating around lifting various items. This just made me really want to see the more extreme, rebooted version of Superman.”