‘The Fast Show’ 25th anniversary special will feature “unnacceptable” humour

'The Fast Show' would be rebooted for a one-off special.

Charlie Higson has said the 25th-anniversary sketch show reunion of The Fast Show will feature humour that many may not find acceptable today.

The original cast – including comedian writer Higson, Paul Whitehouse and Arabella Weir – will star in the retrospective special, titled Just A Load Of Blooming Catchphrases.

They will also appear during talking head segments as Fast Show characters Swiss Toni, Dave Angel, Jesse, Rowley Birkin QC and more.


Higson and Whitehouse, appeared on The One Show yesterday (August 18) and warned fans to not expect the type of politically correct jokes that are deemed more acceptable these days.

It was announced back in March that the show would be returning for a one-off special Credit: PA

He said: “The nice thing is that through doing the show we can address that.

“We have The Suit You Tailors on there saying, ‘Of course times have changed and we couldn’t say any of the things we used to such as…’ and they launch into this huge terrible tirade.”

They continued: “Of course, there is this idea now that you can’t say these things anymore but of course you can.

“But you take that into account, how times have changed, and this was a good way of looking at that.”


It was announced back in March that The Fast Show would be rebooted for a one-off special.

The BBC hit, whose original series ran from 1994 to 1997, will return this year on UKTV. It is being described as a celebration of the show’s legacy, with new clips and interviews.

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