The girl who voiced the ‘Squid Game’ doll isn’t allowed to watch the show

Reagan To also dressed up as her character for Halloween

Reagan To, the 10-year-old girl who voiced the giant doll in Squid Game, has said that her parents aren’t allowing her to watch the show.

To voiced the English dub of the now-iconic character, a robotic doll that directed a violent game of ‘Red Light, Green Light’, but has never seen her appearance.

“It all started when my dad asked my mum to watch Squid Game since it was the most popular show in the world at the time. They had no idea it was my voice, and when it got to that scene they were like, wait second, that’s Reagan, that’s her voice,” To said in an interview with Australia’s The Morning Show.


“My mum searched it up on social media and she found that people were using my voice on YouTube videos and it was even featured on Saturday Night Live for a skit,” she explained.

Because of the show’s extreme violence, To said: “I have not watched any of it. My mum has shown me just a little bit but right before the violent part she just stopped it. And even my brother, he’s fourteen and my parents don’t even allow him to watch it.”

To also said that she and her family dressed up as Squid Game characters for Halloween, with the actress naturally dressing as the character she voiced.

Replicas of the doll have sprung up following the show’s enormous success, including at shopping destinations in the UK and in Sydney, Australia. 


An alarm clock based on the character also went viral last month. The clock fires soft pellets at nearby sleepers once the alarm is triggered.