‘The Glory’ actor Jung Sung-il says the show has opened new doors for him

“As an actor, it’s meaningful that my range of choices has widened”

South Korean actor Jung Sung-il has opened up about how his role in Netflix’s hit K-drama series The Glory has led to new opportunities for him.

In The Glory, Jung plays Ha Do-yeong, the husband of former high school bully Park Yeon-jin (Lim Ji-yeon) who becomes caught up in protagonist Moon Dong-eun’s elaborate revenge plot. In a new interview with Dazed Korea, the 43-year-old actor opened up about being “thankful” for the role.

“I’m receiving offers for more diverse scripts and roles than before and as an actor, it’s meaningful that my range of choices has widened,” he said of his life following the success of The Glory, as translated by Soompi.


Jung went on to discuss how he decides on projects, sharing his tendency to weigh the overall scripts over individual roles. “The role is important too but when the script is fun, I’m drawn to it a bit more,” he said.

“In terms of characters, even if they have similar personalities, they’re each faced with different situations so depending on the interpretation, new directions can be presented.”

However, the actor also spoke about how his role as Ha Do-yeong had been particularly special due to his impact on the series’ storylines and audience. “I think the role this character has in this project is important,” Jung said.

“For example, there are characters that have incredibly clear roles in a story and characters that just flow, even though they are in important positions. In dramas, I think I like characters that have a clear idea of what they must do,” he explained.

Meanwhile, The Glory co-star Lim Ji-yeon also recently discussed her role as Park Yeon-jin in an interview with The Korea Times, where she shared that she had “always wanted” to take on an antagonist role.

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