‘The Inbetweeners’ actor explains why the show will never return

"You can't excuse it, I think"

The Inbetweeners actor Blake Harrison has shut down any rumours that the comedy series would return for a fourth season.

Harrison – who played Neil in the show – has been fending off rumour suggestions since the original cast met up to celebrate the tenth anniversary of The Inbetweeners.

Speaking to Good Morning Britain, the actor spoke about exactly why the show couldn’t be revived after three seasons and two movies.

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“I just don’t think it would work, I think we’re too old now”, Harrison said.

“I think the reason it was so funny was you had these idiotic, ignorant, lads that you let them get away with saying things that would be quite offensive but as they get older you can’t excuse it, I think.”

Earlier this month, James Buckley teased another season of show by sharing a photo that showed him alongside co-stars Simon Bird, Blake Harrison and Joe Thomas – as well as creators Damon Beesley and Iain Morris. The caption read: “Inbetweeners series 4 pre production meal”.

However, Buckley has also shared his doubts of the show returning. He said: “Unfortunately it’s just like physically impossible. Because we’re old! I can’t believe that’s even still a discussion.”

While a reunion might not be in the offing, Inbetweeners fans can look forward to forthcoming film The Festival, which sees Joe Thomas reuniting with Iain Morris.

The film was shot on location at Leeds Festival last year for a scene that sees a DJ being electrocuted while a crowd mistakenly believes that he’s “just doing the latest dance craze”.

It’s set for release in August this year.