‘The Inbetweeners’ star James Buckley breaks astounding Cameo record in UK

Ooh, Cameo friend!

The Inbetweeners actor James Buckley has become the first non-US celebrity to make $1million (£920,000) from Cameo.

The actor, who played Jay Cartwright on the Channel 4 comedy series, joined the video recording platform in 2020 to allow fans to pay for him to record messages of his catchphrases.

According to Cameo co-founder Martin Blencowe, who commented on Buckley’s success in 2021, the actor was responding to up to 37 requests for videos per day (per Independent).


Blencowe said Buckley “takes it very seriously”, adding: “He’s ready to do the work.”

He added more recently: “James was incredibly popular from the start, but he’s stayed committed to his fans, always keeping an accessible price (even during his busiest periods) and giving his all to make each Cameo special.

“In return, he’s gained the financial freedom and overwhelming fan support to pursue the projects he’s most passionate about like 2:22 – A Ghost Story, the West End play I was fortunate enough to see him and Tom star in, and his family’s YouTube channel, At Home With The Buckleys.”

Meanwhile, The Inbetweeners star Simon Bird said in an interview with NME last year that his career “depends on being able to wriggle free” from his character Will.

“The need to [escape our characters] has become apparent to all four of us [in The Inbetweeners] over time. When the films came out and they were hits, we all hoped they would lead to new opportunities for us,” he said.

“The reality is there’s not much comedy made in this country. If you’re associated with a big role, I can understand why the makers of other series wouldn’t want you. You’re bringing baggage with you and they’re trying to create new characters. It makes total sense…”