‘The League Of Gentlemen’ reunion episode ‘wanted by BBC’

One of the comedy troupe, Mark Gatiss, recently said they are "hoping" to reunite

The BBC is reportedly “very receptive” to the idea of a return from The League Of Gentlemen.

One of the cult comedy’s creators, Mark Gatiss, said during a BBC 6Music interview last week that and his co-stars are “hoping” to reunite, adding: “We’ve talked seriously about doing something – we’re not quite sure what it is yet but we’d love to do something, it is 10 years [since we last did something together]…”

Now the Radio Times reports that BBC insiders are “highly receptive” to this idea and would welcome a “special” reunion episode, quoting an unnamed source as saying: “The door would be open to a special return but it’s up to them.”

Gatiss also suggested last week that it could be timely for The League Of Gentlemen to return now, explaining: “I think increasingly, talking about prescience, we have become a local country for local people and I wonder if there is something Brexity in us that we can do. Michael Gove’s resemblance to Edward from the local shop is not a coincidence.”

Gatiss created the cult comedy series with Steve Pemberton, Reece Shearsmith and Jeremy Dyson, and starred alongside Pemberton and Shearsmith as a variety of grotesque characters living in the fictional northern village of Royston Vasey.

After beginning as a 1997 radio series, The League Of Gentlemen ran for 19 episodes on BBC Two between 1999 and 2003. The League were last seen together in an acclaimed spin-off film, The League Of Gentlemen’s Apocalypse, which hit cinema screens in 2005.

Watch a classic sketch featuring their characters Tubbs and Edward below.