‘The Lord of the Rings’ TV series could feature sex and nudity

A New Zealand intimacy coordinator has been hired on a mysterious Amazon project...

The forthcoming Lord of the Rings TV series could be set to feature sex and nudity.

The hiring of an established New Zealand intimacy coordinator, who is tasked with making actors feel comfortable and safe while filming sex scenes, has raised eyebrows about the possible content of the upcoming Amazon Prime Video show.

According to fansite TheOneRing.net, a casting call was also sent out by BGT Talent Agency asking for actors who are “comfortable with nudity”.


Responding to the rumours on Twitter and comparing the potential content with Game of Thrones, one fan said: “Contrary to what the execs think, LOTR’s fanbase and GOT’s fanbase don’t really overlap, I don’t care how much of a Tolkien fanboy GRRM says he is.

“Literally no one is asking for pointless sex & nudity in the Amazon LOTR series.”

Amazon Prime Video has not yet confirmed or denied the speculation.

Morfydd Clark, who has been cast as Young Galadriel in the Middle Earth reboot, recently told NME about the scale of the project.

“The amount of [people working] on this show is continually mind-blowing,” she began. “One guy’s job consists just of seeing how dust reacts to footsteps and breath! That would never have even crossed my mind before.”


She added: “Other than something like Marvel, I don’t think things could get much bigger than this.”

Filming recently resumed on the Lord of the Rings series in New Zealand following the global COVID-19 lockdown in March.

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