‘The Missing’ series 2 alternate ending revealed

Series finale aired on BBC last night

The Missing actor Tchéky Karyo has revealed that an alternate ending was filmed for the series two finale of the BBC show.

The drama first aired in 2014, with its second series concluding last night (November 30). It ended with a cliffhanger, leaving viewers to speculate on the fate of Karyo’s character Julien Baptiste as he undergoes brain tumour surgery.

Karyo revealed to Digital Spy that they shot an alternate ending where Baptiste “wakes up and asks, ‘where is my wife?'”

He added that he hopes for his character to return in a potential third series, saying: “We’ll see now if there are more skeletons in the closet. It looks like Julien Baptiste is becoming a [popular] figure. We had Hercule Poirot, now it’s Julien Baptiste!”

Writer Harry Williams recently said of a third series: “It would have to be very different, and not cynical, and it’d have to be saying something new. Never say never – but we haven’t had the idea yet, to be honest.

Williams added to The Mirror: “I think the worst thing we could do is just rush another one because people love it, and leave a bad taste in the mouth. As and when we have the idea – if we have the idea – then I’m sure we will. But I think, for a little while, probably not.”