Will ‘The Missing’ return for a new series?

The second series of the BBC drama finished at the end of November 2016

The future of BBC drama The Missing is in the balance after its writers have agreed not to continue without the right plotlines.

The show, which focuses on French detective Julien Baptiste’s search for a missing boy in France, originally aired in October 2014. Series two followed in October 2016.

Writers Harry and Jack Williams have now said a third series will only happen if they can write a plot that’s “absolutely right”.


Speaking to Digital Spy, Harry said: “I think it’s possible… there might not be one. There’s Godfather I and Godfather II… and third ones are really hard to get right. The second one’s hard, but the third one’s even harder and you don’t want to leave a bad taste in the mouth.

“But we still don’t want to say goodbye to Julien [played by Tcheky Karyo] – both the actor and the character is someone we want in our lives in some form or another. It just may take quite a bit of time before we figure out what that is.”

His brother, meanwhile, suggested that the pair could work on a Baptiste spinoff rather than a sequel.

“Is there a world where Baptiste comes back in his own show and it’s not The Missing?” he said. “We haven’t decided at all, but I think if we found the right form to get us excited again, we’d do it.

“We love the world, but the worst thing we could do is rush and say, ‘You liked that? Here’s some more!’ – because guaranteed it would not be good.”