‘The Office’ creator rules out reunion: “I don’t think people’s expectations are realistic”

"They're all doing all these cool things now"

The creator of the US version of The Office, Greg Daniels, has said a reunion special is unlikely to happen any time soon.

The show, which aired its season finale in 2013, has been subject to rumours about a revival starring Steve Carell, John Krasinski and the rest of the US cast.

“I loved doing The Office more than anything. And if we were going to revisit it, I would want to do it,” said Daniels on The Hollywood Reporter‘s TV’s Top 5 podcast.


“I think people were assuming that an Office reboot would [involve] … getting the entire cast back together and just continuing where we left off. We’re probably not going to get every single character back, they’re all doing all these cool things.”

Daniels continued, referring to the subsequent successes of the show’s main cast: “I don’t think people’s expectations of getting back in the saddle and doing more episodes of the same show was going to be realistic.”

Steve Carell had previously floated an idea for a reboot on The Ellen DeGeneres show, in which The Office cast reboot Cheers – but no word on a straightforward revival.

Daniels said the idea of a revival might be revisited further in the future: “At some point, maybe, it’s unfair to be a priss and not give them what they want.”

Another workplace sitcom by Daniels and Steve Carell is soon on the way, as Netflix show Space Force gears up for a global release on May 29.