‘The Simpsons’ producers say fired composer Alf Clausen will still have an “ongoing role in the show”

Clausen had worked on the score for the iconic cartoon for 27 years before he was sacked this week

The Simpsons producers have claimed that composer Alf Clausen, who was sacked from the show this week after 27 years, still has an “ongoing role” with the much-loved animated sitcom.

The news of Clausen’s termination from the show broke earlier this week, with the composer confirming on Twitter that producers had said they wanted “a different kind of music”.

Clausen won two Emmys for his work on The Simpsons: his 1997 song ‘We Put The Spring In Springfield’ from the classic episode ‘Bart After Dark’, and the 1998 track ‘You’re Checkin’ In’ from ‘The City of New York vs. Homer Simpson’.

Producers from The Simpsons have now addressed Clausen’s departure from the show, insisting that the composer still has an “ongoing role” with the show.

“We tremendously value Alf Clausen’s contributions to The Simpsons and he will continue to have an ongoing role in the show,” a statement read.

“We remain committed to the finest in music for The Simpsons, absolutely including orchestral. This is the part where we would make a joke but neither Alf’s work nor the music of The Simpsons is treated as anything but seriously by us.”

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