Check out this haunting artist’s impression of what a “real-life” Homer Simpson might look like

Twitter users have been fascinated and horrified in equal measure at this new 3D make-up of Homer

A chilling artist’s impression of what Homer Simpson might look like in “real life” went viral on Twitter over the weekend.

The Simpsons‘ famous father figure was the subject of Twitter user and 3D artist Miguel Vasquez’s latest work, with Vasquez re-imagining what Homer might look like in 3D and stripped of his yellow-coloured skin.

The subsequent set of haunting images of a “real-life” Homer have gone viral since Vasquez uploaded them on Friday (August 17) – check them out below.

Fans of the show have been registering their reactions to Vasquez’s take on a “real-life” Homer – with many people expressing their horror at the ghoulish re-imagining.

In other recent Simpsons news, the clothing chain ASOS has announced the launch of a new Simpsons-inspired clothing range.

The collection will include Kwik-E-Mart bucket hats and bumbags, a Marge Simpson polo shirt, a Patty and Selma denim jacket, and shorts inspired by Bart’s chalkboard writing from the opening titles of the show. It’s set to launch later this week.

Elsewhere, Fox – which has been the home of The Simpsons in the US since it debuted back in 1989 – recently responded to the lingering question about the future of the show, finally giving a hint about when they may decide to bring The Simpsons to an end.