‘The Simpsons’ meets ‘Family Guy’ – watch first trailer

Five minutes of the crossover episode shown at Comic-Con

Homer Simpson and Peter Griffin square off in the first trailer for a one-off special from TV network Fox set to air on September 28. Five minutes of footage was first shown to fans at San Diego’s Comic-Con over the weekend.

The trailer shows Homer and Peter trying to find common ground over donuts, but Peter complains of Springfield, “Don’t drink the water. Everybody around here looks like they have hepatitis.” Meanwhile, Stewie and Bart are getting on great crank calling Moe and skateboarding.

Following a fallout over Patriot Ale vs Duff Beer, Homer and Peter hit the streets of Springfield for an almighty smackdown. Look out too for Bob of ‘Bob’s Burgers’.


During the Family Guy panel at Comic-Con the show’s creators also teased a Christmas episode where the guys try to get Jesus laid and a guest appearance from Liam Neeson.