‘The Simpsons’ parodies ‘Parasite’ and TikTok in latest ‘Treehouse Of Horror’

The Halloween special airs on October 10

The Simpsons will take aim at a number of cultural milestones in its latest Treehouse Of Horror Halloween special, including Bong Joon Ho’s Parasite.

The special episode, called ‘Treehouse of Horror XXXII,’ will also parody Bambi, The Ring and TikTok.

The segment dedicated to Bong’s South Korean Oscar-winner is called ‘This Side of Parasite,’ and will follow a similar storyline, with Bart taking up a job as a tutor for local celebrity Rainier Wolfcastle. With a little manipulating, he is able to persuade Wolfcastle to hire his basement-dwelling family as additional members of staff.


Another segment, ‘Nightmare on Elm Tree’, will see Springfield besieged by vengeful trees.

Elsewhere, the episode has promised references to Marvel‘s Guardians Of The Galaxy, Little Shop Of Horrors and The Wizard Of Oz. The episode will air in the US on October 10.

The cast of Bong Joon-ho’s ‘Parasite’. Credit: Alamy

Recently, executive producer of The Simpsons Matt Selman expressed hope that the opening episode of the new season makes fans “angry”, as a result of its time-hopping structure, which sees Homer as a teenager in the nineties.

Speaking to Variety, Selman said: “I hope this episode makes the fans who canonized Homer and Marge being in their teens in the ’90s angry, the way like generation before that, that people that were angry that Homer and Marge were teens in the ’80s,” he said. “They’ve been teens in every decade, and everyone’s angry that we’ve rewritten it.”


The Simpsons recently made headlines after the family stormed Paris Fashion Week as part of a Balenciaga catwalk show.

A crowd arrived at Théâtre du Châtelet expecting a catwalk show but were instead treated to a special episode of The Simpsons in which Springfield’s finest travel to Paris and walk the runway.


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