‘The Simpsons’ to parody ‘Death Note’ in anime-style episode

The special will also pay homage to 'The Babadook' and 'Westworld'

The Simpsons will parody Death Note in an upcoming, anime-style episode. You can watch a preview clip below.

Titled Treehouse Of Horror XXXIII, the episode will consist of three different segments. The first will be an homage to The Babadook called The Pookadook, the second is the Death Note special Death Tome, and the third is a Westworld parody titled Simpsonsworld.

A short teaser clip has been released online, showing a disillusioned Lisa becoming frustrated with the levels of pollution and animal cruelty in the world. It’s then that a mysterious book falls from the sky and lands at her feet.


The book is titled ‘Death Tome’ and says in its opening pages: “Any person whose name is written in this DEATH TOME will meet their death…and be DEAD.

“You must specify how the victim will die, and you may NOT kill the same way twice.”

Further images have been released online, giving fans their first glimpse of Homer, Marge and other characters reimagined in an anime style.

The upcoming segment was animated by DR Movie, a South Korean animation studio that worked on the original Death Note anime series.

According to Simpsons writer Carolyn Omine, the Treehouse Of Horror special will also be “filled” with Easter eggs.


“Attention Freeze-Framers! We see you! We love you! This year’s Treehouse of Horror is filled with Easter Eggs! I’ll tell you all about them when I live-tweet the East Coast and West Coast screenings of #THOHXXXIII this Sunday @TheSimpsons,” she tweeted on Tuesday (October 25).

The Simpsons‘ upcoming Death Note segment comes after the show recently parodied Stephen King’s It, repurposing Krusty the Clown as Pennywise.

It marked the first time a Treehouse Of Horror special has featured one core storyline, rather than three separate segments.

The Death Note parody will air on Fox in the US on Sunday, October 30.